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October 2007:
EBSI LLC Awarded DOL Contract.


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Welcome to EBSI, LLC.

EBSI,LLC (EBSI) is a research and development design shop and management company founded in 1999 to improve the performance of people and institutions in the economy. EBSI designs innovative solutions to the problems individuals, families, and communities face as they pursue economic well-being. Our designs are tested in action every day in urban and rural settings, among people of a wide range of ages, performance capabilities, in residential and non-residential environments.

EBSI is also a leading provider of vocational and educational training, career development and associated support services to young adults. We are dedicated to providing an opportunity for young people to grow and build brighter futures for themselves and their communities by focusing on the development of skills that unleash the potential in them to become productive citizens. EBSI personnel have developed and operated many innovative youth programs, including leadership development and leadership training programs.